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Spoken English

This is the most popular courses of all, as it instills confidence in an individual to speak English without any fear of disapproval within society. The curriculum is based on real-life activities and scenarios. The activities and scenarios are carefully curated before being delivered to our students.

Duration - 3 months, 1 hour for a day.


Mutturaj Badiger is an English language coach since 2008. He is the Founder and CEO at ME4U Academy Private Limited

Teaching Format

In Vocabulary we provide a collection of about 1500 Vocabulary.

Our classes run in the format of Yoga, Gym, or driving. You will be a part of an ongoing class, you will be given 3 classes one to one so that you can come on track with the current batch. All the lessons will be covered twice, which makes you perfect in English grammar.

Gain unlimited access to our mobile app and video lessons at no extra cost when you enroll in the course.

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